Pregnancy is the most exciting and at the same time most scary part of a couples life. They want to do everything possible within their powers, to ensure their baby arrives in this world in the best possible and the safest possible manner. But, most of the couples are not really sure about what they can as a preparation for the arrival of their baby. Below are some useful tips which can be used by these couples as a preparation for the birth of their baby.




Understanding The Birth Process

The birth process, on the face of it, looks scary and most of the women would like to keep it out of their minds till they just have to face it. But this is not the right approach. At the time of delivery, it is not just the role of the doctor which is important, but also active participation from the pregnant lady is required in order to ensure that the baby gets delivered in a safe and healthy manner.

If you are unaware of the whole process, you will not be able to make any fruitful contribution in this regard. Hence, the step in the preparation for your baby’s birth, you must try to learn and understand the entire birth process well.




Finalize Your Doctor Early

There are some doctors who specialize only in handling the delivery of the baby and subsequently after the delivery, you might need a separate doctor to take care of and monitor the progress of your baby. It is important that this doctor too, should be finalized at an early stage of your pregnancy and he should be kept in the loop about the progress in your pregnancy.




Keep Your Partner In The Loop

It is very important that you and your partner should work together and in complete tandem with each other to welcome the arrival of your baby. Your partner should be just as aware of his role in the labor room. This will eliminate the chances of any conflict occurring at the crucial moment.




Share The experiences Of Other Moms

There are many factors associated with childbirth, which no magazine or fancy birth care books and journals like to talk about. For example, leaking pee, reduce sexual drives, etc. These books are out there only to paint a rosy picture about pregnancy to the world and hide all these facts from the world. However, it is important to be aware of these factors as well and hence for that, a chat with an experienced mom can do the trick.




Take Care Of Pets And Older Siblings

In case you have other children or pets at home, you need to make the necessary arrangements for them to be looked after during the time you are in the hospital.




Locate Midwife To Help You After Birth

Immediately after delivery you will not be in a position to take charge of the baby and the household together and therefore, you need to find a nanny or a housekeeper who can assist you in this job.




Be Prepared For A Surprise Labor Pain

Although your doctor may have given you a date when the baby may be due, but there is always a chance that your labor pains may start earlier to this date. Hence, you need to be prepared to do all that is necessary at such a time in advance, including packing the necessary stuff to take to the hospital and working out the best and fastest way of reaching the hospital.

If the above factors are taken good care of, you can rest assured that you will be able to welcome your baby in the best possible manner.



baby clothes Are you ready to welcome a new member in your family? Have you done any preparation for him? Not yet then make a checklist and do some shopping before going to hospital.

 What should we buy, this is a common question comes in every to be parent’s mind especially if they are going to be parents for the first time.




Clothes for the baby and mother to be:

It’s really a fun and excitement to buy your baby’s clothes for the first time. Every parent wants his baby to look good so most of the parents try to buy the clothes which look cute and fashionable but one thing should be kept in mind that the dress should be comfortable as well.

Cotton should be preferred as cotton is both skins friendly and comfortable. Tight fitting clothes should be avoided as it may be very difficult to change them; babies grow rapidly so those clothes will be of no use after very less time. You should wash the new cloths before using them to maintain the hygiene. Mother should select loose fitting and breast feeding friendly cotton rich clothes and bras.


Diaper is one of the most essential requirements. Mostly there are two types of diapers. One is the most commonly used disposable diapers as it is very convenient and easy to use but before buying the disposable diapers you should check the quality of diaper. It should not be too hard as it can hurt your baby’s sensitive areas. These should be soft and hygienic.

Another type of diaper is the cloth diaper; Cloth diapers have come a long way. These kinds of diapers are cheap and reusable so you can save money in long run. There are different kinds of cloth diapers. You can choose them according to your convenience.

Baby skin care products:
There are many skin care products available in the market but these products especially the soap should be mild as baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. You should select natural and fragrance free product.
Soap: Soap should not contain any chemical as it can cause rashes and dryness. The lotions and oils should be from natural sources, the product having paraben should be avoided it’s very harmful for newborn. Antibacterial soaps are extremely toxic to babies so you should never use them. It’s better to check the ingredients of that product before buying them.
Body lotion: it helps baby’s skin moisturize, it should be from natural sources.
Rash ointment: Diapers may cause irritation to the skin; these ointments are very helpful to keep your baby’s skin dry and rash free. Petroleum jelly can be used for the same.
Massage oil: Olive oil, coconut oil and sometimes mustard oil can be used to massage baby.
Baby Powder: Baby powder should be avoided for newborn as it can cause breathing problem.

Baby crib is also one of the essential requirements for your baby. You can buy it online or from furniture shop. Before buying crib for your baby, you should do some homework and check the crib reviews from your family, friends or at The cribs you are planning to buy must have following features: it should be safe, it should be adjustable in height and length as it will help you to use for long time.

Bedding should be firm; soft bedding may be the cause of SID. Its design should not dangerous like pointed ends etc. you should avoid to but old one. Wheels in cribs add extra features to cribs as it becomes convenient to move it.

For every parent it’s a precious moment to see their baby for the first time. Camera can help you to cherish that moment forever. If you are planning to buy a camera for a long time this is the best time to buy and use it.


Parenthood is a gift of god and every couple cherishes it for life. There are challenges necessarily that come with it right from the pregnancy but the joy and fervor of it is simply uncontested! However, it is also true that in today’s world of reduced resources in the family, a bigger family is something that is thought of as undesirable and in this conduct; third pregnancy is greeted more with a surprise.

The expecting parents try making their calculation of whole gamut; whether they can afford the third or not. In spite of all the difficulties, mostly relating to the finances, the parents are generally delighted and only this matters. I hope there would be similar jubilances at your side too if you are expecting your third. So, what are the ingredients that actually go in to make the joy a much cheered one! There are definitely some good factors at work!



With whole range of experience twice, this time it would be all fun!

The desire to enjoy a fat bunch of relations at our old age in prospects drives every mind and this serves as the prime reason; family planning of course is a factor in antagonism. It is sort of nurturing the life and leaving a legacy after ‘we are gone’! So, even if you are planning some aberrations to get the number curtailed to two itself then rethink the joyous legacy that could be in the making.

Why stop the divine bestowing? Live the moments once again and surely, the precautions would never deter you this time; as you are now in the boots of a counselor. With less of the precautions and safety treading this time, you can enjoy pretty well your moments! Complement the times with everything that you some how missed during the last two pregnancies and also take up the every good advice for practice this time.



Cheer up your life with third pregnancy

Third pregnancy is still a norm in the countryside and Asian social economies where the idea to make out small family is considered pretty unsound. People here enjoy the life celebration every time without any concerns. The urban prosperous and educated societies are too turning back to the old norms and are planning to have bigger families of 2+. So, if you are having any concern regarding your third pregnancy then shed it right now and gets prepared for the jubilance of life again.


Pregnancy is marked by many changes; many of those are well manifested and some remain latent. The interplay of the hormones is a pronounced phenomenon & while it remains within the body, it leaves its implications externally also. There is actually a surge of these and the body is tried to be conditioned for the significant task which is the birth of the child.

The effects of such body conditioning and preparation are found on the skin also and apart from the glow of pregnancy there are certain other conditions also that are not greeted well by the lady. These are called as the pregnancy induced skin problems and the ladies are often found panicking about one or the other type during their pregnancy time. What are these and what are the underlying causes of these? Let’s find out –



• Acne

Acne flares are very common after the start of the pregnancy because the body responds very swiftly to increase the hormones as desired. The acne accumulates at the face mostly and bothers directly because of the personality distortions these create.

However, the good aspect is that there are actually no serious issues associated with the pregnancy time acne and in most of the cases these wither out after some time. These being only the external manifestation of the hormonal surges and the allied increased production of the skin oils, offer no permanent or internal harm, except that these be treated through home based remedies.

Any reliance on the medicines that are generally prescribed like the isotretinoin and others are strictly required to be bypassed through other home remedies. These salts have been found to affect the development of the fetus. On the other hand just washing the face two to three times a day would help reduce the acne.



• The pregnancy mask or the chloasma

This skin condition may manifest in some cases from the second month of pregnancy. The lady may find herself in a yellowish tone and somewhat patchy appearance that are most commonly seen on the face. The forehead, chin and upper cheeks are the places where these yellowish or brownish patches emerge, although these can occur anywhere on the body.

A sort of tanning gets automatically established and this is also due to the sex hormones that are on an uptrend. The estrogen and progesterone levels increase and this causes the skin cells in the face to make out more of the melanin that generates tanning.



• Varicose veins

Many pregnant ladies develop varicose veins conditions on the legs or even on the upper body and particularly the hands and torso. This happens due to the increased blood flows through the veins and capillaries. In most of such cases these disappear after the birth.



• Rashes and dry skin conditions

Dry skin conditions may develop in some of the pregnant ladies and cause the skin rashes and itchiness. These should not be ignored if the legs and feet also become red. The inherent cause could be that of cholestatis of pregnancy which can contribute negatively to the liver development of the baby. Take a visit to your doctor.



• More than normal sensitivity in the skin

This is also one of the most common symptoms in the skin during the pregnancy. The skin gets overly sensitive and responds weird even to the normal processes and inputs. The lady may even develop redness and rashes from the touch of the scrub that she could have been using as normal! This is however, not a harmful condition and the heightened sensitivity are because of the excess immune build up to protect the pregnancy from external agents and pathogens.



Life is synergized by the relations that we hold. Some of these are truly special and we adore these; like one with our parents. Father is someone whom we trust in the most difficult situations of our life and to whom we owe great debts. When we loose any of such special relations of our life, then the bereavement gets cumbersome and much troubling because there is some necessary element that gets missing.

This was witnessed very clearly when I saw my dear friend in heavy grief and he admitted saying ‘my dad had passed away’! However, this is one of the fundamental truths that the society has to bear and will bear it till eternity! None can escape that sorrow; only the distinctions exist according to the different situations!



Grief and struggle galore

The demise of a father presents a very tough situation because he is hailed as the protective umbrella of the whole family and if the earning source is wholly dependent on him then the bereavement is accompanied by the fiscal pressures too! The latter situation could be quiet struggling and sometimes can also cut down the livelihood passage completely; which can in turn affect the living and educational opportunities among other things of necessity.

If some sort of life insurance policy has been left then relief is possible but this also takes its formal timeline to complete. The bereavement due to the loss of father however, is more associated with grief and vulnerabilities that galore wide towards the family and this additional trouble has to be taken care of in one or the other manner.



Taking care of mother and family

While the death of father is one of the troubling truths of the social order, the children are required to get into the boots almost immediately; especially if they are grown up at the time of bereavement. They are required to take on the responsibilities of the father so that the family continuity could be ensured, chiefly the earning ones for the persons left over in the family.

The responsibility towards mother is of utmost significance because after leading the good family life with your father she is left alone and the grief of her is very much deeper. Taking care of her along the emotional dimension is what is required. These above said responsibilities gets more bold when there is no sibling to share these.



Ensure the formalities and paper work

If the father dies while in service then there are lots of formalities that have to be ensured so as to allow for the payment of his gratuity and funds from the employer. This may also require the medico legal engagements including the death certificate from the hospital where he breathed his last. If left unattended, his hard earned money could be lost for bad and he would have never thought of such a situation; for every father tries to earn more and good for his family!

These formalities also ensure the fiscal continuity for the family which is vital if none of the children have started to earn.



A void that can’t be filled

However, in spite of all the care through formalities and emotions, the void that is created through the loss of father is simply impossible to be patched. The family members are left to console each other and nothing more could be done; except that the time creates its own buffering to gradually eliminate the grief from the heart and minds of the family members, particularly the wife and children!